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We unpack and set up your computer, monitor, router, printer and make sure everything is working.


We offer tech consultation to explore what tech can enhance your life

About us

About us
We are a local family owned husband & wife team. Our passion is helping improve your quality of life, and we are blessed to have over 20 years of experience working with the senior community throughout the low country.
Smart Senior Services provide you with personalized one on one training on the everyday technology you have in your house. We provide patience, slow, easy in home guidance. We give you the confidence to enjoy technology's benefits.

Adding technology to your life:
  • Easily connects you with with friends and family all over the world 
  • Maintains and enhances your social life without leaving home
  • Increases your independence with transportation and navigation 
  • Supports your desire to age in place
  • Reduces loneliness
You are a 1 hour training session away from a exciting new skill with
Smart/Cell Phones
Social Media
Desk tops
Smart devices
E readers
And more

In Home training

In Home training
So what do you get?
Smart senior services provide you with personalized one on one training on any technology you have in your home. We meet you where your knowledge is and patiently train you to achieve your technology goals. We give you the confidence to enjoy technology's benefits.

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  • Assisting Smart Seniors across the low country


Low Country Seniors are Smart Seniors

 Wow I am so excited to easily talk with my friends and family."

Walter OhlsonSouthbay Senior Living

 "I feel like I am a part of the world again."

Michael Kross

 "I can take care of myself using technology...I like being independent."

Susan Skaws

 I feel like I am a kid again...I was trying to do this for 2 years."

Mary Jean ByersFranke Retirement Village

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Free 15 minutes in home technology needs analysis

  • call us at 843-606-0236 to set an appointment.
  • Let's decide (together) what smart senior services you need. What technology questions do you have? And what benefits we can provide for you. We'll come to you for a free in home consultation.